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Edifier G1500: Small and colorful Bluetooth speakers

Edifier G1500
Edifier G1500

The accompaniment of sound equipment for your desktop computer is a classic to consider and this has not changed over the years. Of course, the features with which the new launches arrive have been updated, ranging from RGB lighting to integrated Bluetooth connectivity, and Edifier G1500 proves it to you.

Edifier G1500 is a dual input range speaker that allows you to properly accompany the rest of your devices at home, especially when it comes to a “gamer” configuration that includes modern designs with support for customizable RGB lighting. They are basically two small accessories with a power of 10W that can be synchronized with the computer as well as other devices via Bluetooth.

As indicated in its presentation video, the Edifier G1500 are small 2.5-inch speakers that are designed to offer a 2.0-channel system and are placed on each side of your monitor. Its style with modern lines includes side lines with customizable RGB lighting to add points when it comes to aesthetics.

Then, if it is about its performance, it must be emphasized that it is far from options such as the Edifier X230 (with a central base that allows it to gain a power of 28W) and it maintains a maximum output power of only 10W . Of course, the presence of a built-in professional sound effects card that makes use of an equalization algorithm configured for game modes, movies and music is appreciated, thus adapting to each type of audiovisual entertainment.

Finally, this model does not have a built-in battery, so you will need access to a power outlet for its installation. The good thing for those looking to remove cables from the configuration is that you can synchronize it via Bluetooth 5.3 to any computer as well as use it with mobile devices or other new generation equipment . There is also support for USB and 3.5mm auxiliary input.

In conclusion, is this particular model worth buying? If you take into account that its price is below 50 euros, it will offer you a limited but logical performance , adding details in favor when it comes to looking consistent in a “gamer” oriented space.


  • Modern design with RGB lighting
  • Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity
  • Also includes physical auxiliary and USB inputs
  • very accessible price


  • low power output

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