Edifier QD35 and QR6: Transparent speakers with ultra fast charging

Edifier QD35 and QR65

Edifier introduced the new wireless audio systems QD35 and QR65. Speakers with a transparent body that support several wireless connection options. Available to choose from two colors: black and white.

Monoblock audio system Edifier QD35 passed Hi-certification Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless. 3-inch woofer/midrange driver with aluminum alloy cone reproduces bass from 60 Hz. One-inch silk dome tweeter tuned for clarity and brightness high frequency reproduction and operates up to 40 kHz.

Wireless audio system Edifier QD35

Edifier QD35 crossover implemented on a processor DSP, and the drivers are driven by separate TI Closed amplifiers Loop, operating in class D, providing a total output power of 40 watts, which allows you to voice room up to 50 sq.m.

On the rear panel of Edifier QD35 there is a port USB-A and AUX connector with input sensitivity 600 ± 50 mV. LDAC technology allows you to stream music at a sampling rate of 96 kHz via Bluetooth 5.3.

Wireless audio system Edifier QD35

The model can be used as a charger stations for more than a thousand compatible devices. Ultra-fast charging TurboGaN 35W works through USB-A and USB-C ports. Advanced Technologies constant fast charging, intelligent power distribution and Constant temperature control makes the process safe and efficient.

Various preset lighting effects allow you to create the right atmosphere for any music. Using the application With Edifier Connect you can create your own lighting effects, as well as Synchronize clocks, adjust equalizers and share them with friends.

Wireless audio system Edifier QD35

The transparent body is made in a futuristic style. The speaker’s dimensions (277 x 164 x 141 mm) and weight of 2.64 kg allow it to be placed on a table.

Active monitors Edifier QR65 also passed Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio certification Wireless, so you can enjoy high-quality music without unnecessary wires 3″ drivers deliver rich mids and lows frequencies, one-inch silk dome tweeters are responsible for the high-frequency range.

The operating frequency range of the new product extends from 60 Hz to 40 kHz. The Edifier QR65 crossover is implemented on a DSP processor, and the dynamic heads are serviced separate TI Closed Loop amplifiers operating in Class D, providing a total output power of 70 Watts. Codec LDAC provides clear, high-resolution audio playback through Bluetooth 5.3, wired connection via USB-A and via analog input AUX 3.5 mm. You can charge other gadgets via a USB-A port and two USB-C ports – Edifier QR65 features 65W TurboGaN ultra-fast charging, compatible with more than 1000 devices.

Wireless monitors Edifier QR65The speaker housing is made of MDF. RGB backlight supports 11 preset lighting effects, additional settings are made through the Edifier Connect application. Transparent body fits easily into the workspace due to its stylish design.

Speakers from Edifier are a great option for those who wants to enjoy clear sound at home. Advanced acoustic The system accurately reproduces the entire frequency range without noise or distortion. The lighting will help create the right atmosphere, and the ability to recharge other devices will be a nice bonus.