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ELAC Concentro M: Coaxial drivers and aluminum plinth

New floor-standing speakers ELAC Concentro M are distinguished by the use of original technical solutions, as well as an interesting design.

ELAC Concentro M

The model is a three-way design, in which the main part of the frequency range is reproduced by a coaxial concentric driver, consisting of a JET 5 ribbon radiator and a Ring Radiator mid-range speaker with an aluminum cone of a complex profile Crystal Membrane .

ELAC Concentro M


Below 180Hz, four woofers come into play with 220mm aluminum cones and a powerful ventilated magnet system. Solid hulls of a complex profile rest on pedestals made of solid aluminum billets and weighing 25 kilograms each. This provides the systems with the necessary stability and reliable mechanical isolation.

ELAC Concentro M

The weight of one ELAC Concentro M speaker is 90 kilograms , the declared frequency range is from 24 to 50,000 Hz , the sensitivity is 88 dB , the impedance is 4 Ohms (with a minimum of 2.8 Ohms at 380 Hz). The maximum power input is 400 watts .

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