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Elipson P1 and A2700: New preamp and power amp

Elipson P1 and A2700 - new preamp and power amp
Elipson P1 and A2700 - new preamp and power amp

The French company Elipson has started selling two new models of electronics – pre-amplifier Elipson P1 and power amplifier Elipson A2700 , designed to work in pairs.

The Elipson P1 is an analog balanced preamplifier in the basic configuration, which can be supplemented with optional ESS Saber-based DAC and universal phono stages. The Elipson A2700 power amplifier operates in class D and is capable of delivering up to 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms. In mono mode, its power increases to 1400 watts !

The Elipson P1 preamp sells for £1,899 base and £2,799 with optional boards installed. The Elipson A2700 Power Amplifier has a retail price of £ 2999.

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