Elipson Planet L Gold Edition: New Year’s edition of the classic speakers

Elipson Planet L Gold Edition
Elipson Planet L Gold Edition

The French company Elipson has prepared a special edition of its iconic model of speaker systems Planet L Gold Edition for the new year 2024 .

ImageChanges compared to the classic version affected both the finishing of the housing and the element base of the separating filter. The spherical metal body of the acoustics is painted in three different colors, called Uranus Cloud (green), Mars Lava (red) and Mercury Ice (white).

ImageThe coaxial driver array continues to include a 25mm soft dome tweeter and a 165mm impregnated paper cone woofer.


The crossover uses oversized inductors, highly purified oxygen-free copper multi-strand wiring, and precisely calibrated resistors. The sensitivity of the speakers is 90 dB (1 W/1 m), the nominal impedance is 6 Ohms . Case diameter – 29 cm , weight – 7 kg .

ImageElipson Planet L Gold Edition speaker systems are sold on the European market at prices starting from 500 euros per unit or 950 euros per pair.