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Hora Audio Coco – New all-horn loudspeakers from Hora Audio

hora audio coco

Hora Audio has unveiled Hora Audio Coco all-horn loudspeakers . Hora Audio’s commitment to the horn design of dynamic drivers is explained by the fact that only the horn provides “realistic, live sound – soft and pleasant, but powerful at the right moments . 

Hora Audio Coco - a horn in the absolute

The authors compared the development of Coco to the creation of a musical instrument – every element of the acoustic system’s design passed an auditory examination. Paulownia (or Adam’s) wood was mainly used to make the cabinet and horns, the column on which the speaker rests and the tweeter cabinet are made of solid oak and birch plywood. All connections are made with metal fittings. The body of the acoustics is made entirely by hand.

Hora Audio Coco - a horn in the absolute

Speakers Coco can be installed even in the corners of the room without compromising the sound quality. Despite the rather large dimensions (the height of the speaker reaches 118 cm), the case is quite light – only 19 kg. In the main office, a broadband driver from EMS is mounted , decorated with forward and reverse horns. The high-frequency emitter is enclosed in a separate housing, isolated from the main one by graceful stands. The tweeter is loaded with a multi-chamber horn. The full-range speaker is hand-assembled and serves a range from 40 Hz to 18 kHz, while the tweeter comes into operation at 7 kHz and plays up to 25 kHz.

Hora Audio Coco - a horn in the absolute

Each horn is designed to avoid parallel edges for the most beneficial sound. The drivers are covered with curved metal grilles that act as acoustic lenses and improve sound dispersion. In the crossover circuit, only high-quality audiophile components are used – coils and capacitors from Mundorf , cables from van den Hul .