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Hyundai H-PAC480 – Sound system around your neck

Hyundai Electronics introduced a new product in the range of portable speakers – wireless speakers Hyundai H-PAC480 . A modern and functional gadget meets all the latest technology requirements and has impressive capabilities.

The Hyundai H-PAC480 wireless audio system was created specifically for active people, for those who are used to being on the move, preferring to do several things at the same time and at the same time are not ready to sacrifice comfort. The speaker is worn around the neck and can be used for watching movies, listening to audio books, playing games or doing sports. For example, to go to another room while watching a movie, you no longer have to press pause.

Hyundai H-PAC480 - the original wireless audio system

Hyundai H-PAC480 creates the effect of a sound hood, that is, the user hears the sound from the speaker well, without being distracted by extraneous noises, while those around them, on the contrary, can hear only muffled sound. For this, the Hyundai H-PAC480 has two speakers of 3 watts each, plus two passive radiators, as well as a built-in microphone for hands-free function .


Hyundai H-PAC480 - the original wireless audio system

The Hyundai H-PAC480 audio system can work with any portable gadget that connects to via Bluetooth . The silicone headband is very comfortable, thanks to which the gadget has a universal size, bends easily and fits comfortably around the neck. In addition, the speaker is equipped with a special fabric cover that reliably protects the device from sweat and moisture. The built-in battery with a capacity of 600 mAh allows you to actively use the column for up to 10 hours without recharging.

The Hyundai H-PAC480 wireless audio system is already available for purchase.

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