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KEF KC62 – Compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

More recently we wrote about KEF ‘s innovative Uni-Core technology that allows subwoofers in compact enclosures to deliver powerful and deep bass. Following the well-known adage of “forge while it’s hot”, KEF introduced the first KC62 subwoofer with such a dual radiator. The essence of the idea is to combine actually two drivers, which now use a common magnetic system and coaxially located voice coils of different diameters.

KEF KC62 - compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

In addition, the new product includes other proprietary KEF technologies . For example, the patented P-Flex Surround cone suspension , also called  Origami Surround . Such a suspension better compensates for the pressure inside the cabinet without reducing the sensitivity and magnitude of the speaker’s travel.

KEF KC62 - compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

Another proprietary technology – Smart Distortion Control – minimizes harmonic distortion, working on the principle of electromechanical feedback, but without instrumental measurement of the diffuser stroke, relying on monitoring the current in the voice coil.

KEF KC62 - compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

The dual Uni-Core radiator serves, respectively, two 500 Watt RMS amplifiers operating in class D. The built-in DSP of the KEF KC62 allows you to implement equalizer presets for different types of rooms.

KEF KC62 - compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

The manufacturer claims really fantastic parameters for the KEF KC62 subwoofer : the frequency response starts from 11 Hz at a level of -3 dB, and the sound pressure can reach 105 dB .

KEF KC62 - compact subwoofer with dual radiator Uni-Core

The novelty is rich in connectivity options. In addition to the usual set of analog line-in and “high-level” inputs for connection to the amplifier’s speaker terminals, the subwoofer is equipped with a line-out from the crossover to facilitate docking with wide-range speakers. The optional KW1 module also enables wireless connection.

The KEF KC62 active subwoofer is housed in a compact (246 x 256 x 248 mm) extruded aluminum enclosure in Carbon Black and Mineral White designs . The novelty will be available in the UK in February at a suggested price of £ 1,400 .

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