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Klipsch launches All-American Music City Series of Portable Speakers

All-American Music City Series of Portable Speakers from Klipsch
All-American Music City Series of Portable Speakers from Klipsch

Real America from the real American company Klipsch , which introduced the Music City series of portable wireless audio systems . So far, the series includes three models named after some of the most famous places in the United States – Austin , Nashville and Detroit . With this series, Klipsch pays tribute to three American cities with a rich musical heritage.

Klipsch Austin Wireless Audio System

The smallest of the trio is the palm-sized Austin speaker. Providing twelve hours of battery life and weighing less than 400 grams, this sleek and stylish little thing will easily fit into your backpack or even your pocket.

Klipsch Nashville Wireless Audio System

Next comes the oblong Klipsch Nashville, a little larger, but also quite compact to take with you on a picnic or walk. With two 5.7cm full-range drivers and up to 24 hours of battery life, the Nashville speaker is the next step up from its diminutive Austin sibling.

Finally, Klipsch Detroit is the largest and most expensive model from the Music City series. The top model is equipped with two mid/bass speakers with a diameter of 7.6 cm and a pair of inch tweeters. The “power reserve” of the older model is the same 24 hours.

Klipsch Nashville Wireless Audio System

Although there are certainly differences between the models, we note some common features. All of them are rated IP67 against dust and moisture, and all three can be controlled through the proprietary Klipsch Connect application, with which you can use the equalizer and make other necessary settings.

According to Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs , “Our Music City Series is a celebration of music and culture. We wanted to pay homage to some of the most influential cities in the United States that have shaped the world of American and world music, and we did that by delivering speakers that not only sound incredible, but also embody the essence of Austin, Nashville and Detroit.

The Klipsch Austin and Nashville wireless audio systems are available to pre-order now in the US (coming later in the UK and other countries), and the Detroit is due to go on sale early next year.Klipsch Austin is offered for $99 , the Klipsch Nashville will cost $149 , and Klipsch Detroit will cost $299 .

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