LG DukeBox: Innovative audio system with tubes

LG DukeBox
LG DukeBox

LG Electronics unveiled DukeBox at CES 2024 , an innovative audio system that seamlessly combines the charm of tube sound with cutting-edge OLED transparent panel technology.

It aims to create a new musical experience by combining old-fashioned sensations with the most modern technology, aiming to rediscover the depth of audio and video perception through a modernized jukebox. With front-firing speakers at the bottom and an omni-firing speaker at the top, it delivers immersive sound that surrounds the listener.


The transparency of the OLED display can be adjusted, creating a immersive visual effect reminiscent of a vacuum tube audio system enclosed in a transparent glass box. Additionally, the DukeBox is versatile and can be used to watch high-quality content such as movies, or even create a cozy fireside atmosphere with the vacuum tube visible among the flickering flames.

At the moment, the exact release date and retail price of LG DukeBox are unknown.