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LG soundbar lineup 2024

2024 LG soundbar lineup
2024 LG soundbar lineup

The award for the first major AV product announcement ahead of CES 2024 goes to LG’s audio division, which revealed details of its new line of soundbars. This is in contrast to 2023, when LG only released a couple of new “designer” soundbars, with the rest of the lineup continuing into 2022. What will the 2024 LG soundbars be like? Are there any changes?

LG Soundbars 2024

Before we get into specific models, let’s take a look at the major new features LG is introducing in its latest line of soundbars. Encouraged by the sales success of the 2023 SC9S soundbar, designed specifically as a partner for the C series of OLED TVs, LG is set to expand the partnership between TV and soundbar.

As such, there will be a new One Wall soundbar designed specifically for LG’s G-series OLED TVs, as well as a new soundbar designed to match LG’s 2024 QNED TV lineup . Wow Orchestra technology, in which LG soundbars can intelligently share speaker functions with the speakers of compatible LG TVs, will be expanded and improved.


Additionally, the rear surround speaker package, available as an optional extra on some LG soundbars, has been improved over the rather clunky 2022 solution by eliminating the need for a separate unit. Now the user simply gets two wireless rear speakers connected by one cable.

LG has also expanded the use of its unique up-firing center channel speaker feature to cover mid-range and premium soundbar models. The idea behind this center channel is to lift the dialogue vertically in the mix. In this case, they will appear to be coming from the screen above the soundbar rather than from the soundbar below the screen.

Additionally, LG’s already useful AI Room Calibration Pro system, designed to automatically calibrate the soundbar and optimize its sound for a specific room, has been improved. Now it better takes into account the location of the rear speakers. This compensates for the fact that many users simply cannot place these speakers in the most optimal position.

Finally, in terms of new features, LG has redesigned the speakers used in LG’s new flagship soundbars. The result is improved bass response, sound balance and clarity. The physical size of the speakers has been increased. The woofers now measure 99 x 52mm.

A passive radiator has been added and the performance of the dedicated tweeters has been improved. As a result, LG was able to extend the low-frequency response of these speakers from 200Hz to 120Hz, while making peak frequencies clearer and less prone to distortion.


In terms of specific models, the new soundbar for G-series OLED TVs is the LG SG10T soundbar. The soundbar has a rather impressive, ultra-thin, vertically oriented profile designed to mount to the wall directly below the similarly thin G-series TVs.

It supports LG’s WOWCast feature, which allows lossless Dolby Atmos audio to be streamed wirelessly between compatible LG TVs and soundbars. Please note that the SG10T is recommended as a pair for 65″ G models only. For example, the partner SC9S C Series soundbar, which will continue to be available until 2024, is recommended simultaneously for 55″, 65″ and 77″ C Series models .

LG SG10T for 65 inches diagonal



While the SG10T is positioned as a “high-end” soundbar, the new S70TY soundbar designed for LG’s QNED LCD TV line is positioned as a mid-range model. The LG S70TY soundbar is designed as an aesthetic complement to the 55-, 65-, 75- and 86-inch models from LG’s QNED80, QNED85, QNED90 and QNED95 lines, as well as the 75- and 86-inch models from the premium QNED99 TV line.

A special bracket is available for the S70TY that allows it to be hung under the listed TVs without the need to drill separate holes in the wall. Although, unlike the wall mount for the SG10T and SC9S, the S70TY mount does not come standard. This mount is only available as an additional option.

LG hasn’t yet provided full speaker specs for the SG10T or S70TY, but has confirmed that the S70TY will feature one of LG’s upscale center channel speakers.


Another new flagship “standalone” soundbar from LG is the S95TR. The soundbar delivers a claimed 810W of total power across 15 audio channels, with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats . As part of Atmos and DTS:X support, five of the S95TR’s 15 channels are overhead.


This also includes a unique center channel height speaker for delivering the effects of object-based audio formats. This model also uses the new speaker design that has already been described above.


Taking a step down from the S95TR but staying in what LG considers premium soundbar territory is the LG S90TY soundbar. LG has not yet provided specific details about this model. If the LG S90TY soundbar follows the trend of its predecessor, the S90QY , it will be a soundbar-subwoofer model with 5.1.3 channels and compatibility with the new optional wireless rear panel.

Mid-range and entry-level soundbars 2024

LG’s new mid-range soundbars are the S70TR, S70TY, S60TR and S60T. Again, LG has not yet provided full specifications for these new models. We’d like to expect them to be the same as their predecessors, but with additional 2024 features on board, including center channel height speakers in some cases.

In any case, they will all be soundbars with a reduced number of channels and output power as the range decreases. The LG S40T and LG S20T will be LG’s new “entry-level” soundbar models in 2024. Again, LG has not yet provided details such as the number of channels and power ratings.


These will be the most affordable models in the new line. Most likely, they will only have a panel without an external subwoofer. You should also note that some 2022 and 2023 LG soundbars will be released throughout 2024. These names include the ultra-compact LG QP5 and compact SE6S “Eclair” models , as well as the powerful yet affordable SH7Q and SNH5

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