Lowther Almira: The first floorstanders in 30 years

British acoustic brand Lowther has introduced Almira speakers, the first floorstanders in 30 years. For 90 years now, the company has been using the Voigt horn (Paul Voigt, one of the founders of the company). And it is named after his friend and co-founder, OP Lowther (OP Lowther)

The Almira cabinet is a single folded quarter-wave Voigt horn, arranged in a completely designer outline and directed to the floor. And if you unfold this horn, you get a 2.3-meter acoustic waveguide.

It has a branded Lowther DX3 broadband driver, which in the Almira model is also supplemented with a branded super tweeter. At the same time, acoustics does not need a crossover. In Lowther’s words, the tweeter’s response “rises where the main unit naturally falls.” The super tweeter operates from approximately 8 kHz and is protected by a high quality capacitor.

Almira, like all Lowther products, are handcrafted in the UK in numbered pairs. Circulation is limited, especially for the rosewood veneered version. However, the choice of veneer from Lowther is quite large.

In addition, the future owner can choose the version of the speakers with or without a grill. As supports, you can use legs or spikes with adjusting screws to install the systems on the carpet. Lowther plans to present Almira at a future UK Audio Show.

In the UK, Lowther Almira floor standing units cost £12,000.