Mackie CR StealthBar: Computer soundbar with bluetooth, USB and three sound modes

Mackie CR StealthBar

The Mackie CR StealthBar is a mini soundbar that, in Mackie’s words, can create huge sound in small spaces. The CR StealthBar is good in cases when computer acoustics are undesirable for some reason – for example, there is simply no place for it on the table. In this case, almost always there is a space under the monitor – from there the Mackie CR StealthBar will sound.

According to the manufacturer, the compactness of the soundbar (102x475x76 mm) will allow it to be placed under most monitors. The CR StealthBar has removable legs for height adjustment. Also, the user will be able to choose one of three sound character presets: “Music”, “Cinema”, “Game”.

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The novelty is ready to receive a signal from a PC via USB or via an interconnect cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack (this is how the Mackie CR StealthBar can work from any other analog sources). In addition, a Bluetooth connection is provided, but the soundbar does not have a battery. Otherwise CR StealthBar would be able to “perform” in two classes at once: computer and mobile acoustics.

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The cost of the Mackie CR StealthBar computer soundbar in the US is $ 100.

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