Marshall Jukebox: Classic 70-LP Jukebox in the Signature of Tube Guitar Amps

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Marshall has expanded its lifestyle product line with an unusual novelty – the full-size Marshall Jukebox.

It should be noted that the jukebox was developed in conjunction with Sound Leisure, which has been producing such devices for a long time. In fact, Marshall Jukebox was created by the efforts of the masters of Sound Leisure, but Marshall retained not only the corporate identity, but also the sound that the company’s engineers worked on.

The jukebox received two midrange drivers, two tweeters and one large woofer (12 inches). This set made it possible to provide stereo sound with a power of 60 watts per channel.

As it should be, the Marshall Jukebox has a built-in automatic plate changer: the Jukebox can hold up to 70 7-inch vinyl records. There is also an AUX input, a Bluetooth receiver and an external speaker output.

In terms of appearance, the machine is made in strict accordance with the style of classic Marshall tube amplifiers: golden knobs, massive buttons, fabric trim, black finish and a huge white brand logo.

In the United States, the cost of the Marshall Jukebox is approximately $ 13,200.

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