Marten Mingus Septet: Stunning new speakers from Sweden

Marten Mingus Septet

At the High End Show 2023 opening very soon in Munich, the Swedish company Marten will for the first time show a new floor model in the Mingus speaker line . The novelty is named Septet .


The Marten Mingus Septet is a seven-speaker four-way loudspeaker featuring Marten’s new diamond tweeters and beryllium dome midrange drivers. The mid-bass driver is equipped with a ceramic diffuser, and the bass foundation is provided by a pair of speakers with aluminum honeycomb cones.

Bass output is supported by 10-inch passive radiators. The delimitation of the operating range is entrusted to a branded first-order crossover, which has been specially optimized to work with new dynamic heads. Jorma speaker cables are used for internal wiring .


This year Marten is launching the Marten Finishes program , pioneered for the Mingus Septet speakers: wood tops and bottoms can be finished in a variety of colored lacquer finishes as well as solid wood. The Marten Finishes program will also be available for other speakers in the Mingus series. Mingus Septet speakers are equipped with Marten anti-vibration mounts, developed in collaboration with IsoAcoustics.


Suggested retail prices for a pair of Marten Mingus Septet speakers start at €108,000 and are determined by custom options and finishes.


Specifications of Marten Mingus Septet speaker systems:

  • Type: 4-way floorstanding speaker
  • Drivers: 1″ diamond dome tweeter, 3″ beryllium dome midrange, 7″ ceramic midbass, 2 x 8″ aluminum honeycomb drivers
  • Acoustic design: two passive radiators with a diameter of 10 inches
  • Crossover: first order filters
  • Internal wiring: Jorma
  • Finishes: solid wood lacquered top and bottom panel, aluminum trim

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