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M&K Sound V15+ / V12+ and V10+ : Three new subwoofer models

M&K Sound launches three V+ subwoofer models
M&K Sound launches three V+ subwoofer models

M&K Sound has raised the level of its V-series subwoofers with three V+ models: V15+, V12+ and V10+. Digital indexes mean the diameter of the drivers installed in the new products. These speakers feature redesigned reinforced cellulose cones.

“The new V+ series is for a wider, more decorative and discerning audience,” said Per Becher, CEO of M&K Sound. Indeed, the V+ subwoofers with 12″ and 10″ drivers outperformed their V series counterparts by 100 watts, and their low end dropped from 25 Hz to 20 Hz.

With nothing to compare to, the V15+ is the first 15″ subwoofer in the V family, launched in 2014. The V15+ is THX Certified Ultra certified when paired in a room up to 3,000 square feet (approx. 280 sqm). Another certification, THX Certified Select, has earned the V12+ subwoofer for use as a single subwoofer in a room up to 2,000 square feet (approx. 185 sqm).

A proprietary mobile application is designed to control and configure V + subwoofers. It will allow you to measure the parameters and, using an automatic equalizer, correct the acoustics of the room. With the help of a manual equalizer, you can also adjust the sound by ear. The V15+ subwoofer is available in Black Satin, while the V10+ and V12+ models are also available in White Satin.

In the US, the M&K Sound V15+ subwoofer will cost $3,200, the V12+ model will cost $1,900, and the V10+ will cost $1,500.

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