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Monitor Audio Cinergy: A new line of home theater speakers

Monitor Audio Cinergy - a new line of home theater speakers
Monitor Audio Cinergy - a new line of home theater speakers

Monitor Audio has announced the release of a new line of Cinergy installation speaker systems designed for organizing home theater according to the THX standard.

The line includes three models of universal speakers for sounding the front, center and rear channels – Cinergy 100 , Cinergy 200 and Cinergy 300 , as well as a passive subwoofer Cinergy Sub15 . The main acoustic systems Cinergy 200 and Cinergy 300 use an orientable high-midrange module built on two 2.5-inch drivers with a cone made of proprietary C-CAM material and an MPD ribbon driver .

The low-frequency range is sounded by a pair of woofers with diffusers made of composite material with a middle layer of Nomex. The Cinergy 100 shelf model is equipped with one bass driver, one midrange driver and one ribbon driver. The subwoofer has a 15″ woofer.

Speakers of the Monitor Audio Cinergy series will go on sale in July 2022, at the same time official retail prices will be known.

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