New generation of Noveto ultrasonic soundbars at CES 2024

Noveto ultrasonic soundbars
Noveto ultrasonic soundbars

Noveto, a company specializing in the development of ultrasonic audio systems, has confirmed its return to CES 2024, denying rumors of its closure.

At the upcoming CES 2024, Noveto will unveil the second generation of its innovative ultrasonic technology integrated into a sound bar developed in collaboration with BeStar and SEI. It is planned to demonstrate the new product at the IAI Smart stand. The event will also present a new business strategy for technology licensing.

Noveto’s groundbreaking technology, which has earned attention since its introduction, uses ultrasound to create an audio “bubble” around the listener, delivering 3D binaural sound. This opens up prospects in areas such as the automotive industry, office communications in open spaces and video conferencing. What sets the new soundbar apart is its ability to create a personalized sound space without disturbing others, without isolating the user from the outside world.

Noveto’s technology takes a unique approach to binaural audio reproduction, delivering audio channels directly to the listener’s ears and tracking their movements to maintain the audio effect. The new generation of N2 technology promises improved frequency range, greater distance privacy and improved sound quality.

Collaboration with BeStar and IAI Smart, a subsidiary of SEI Robotics known for developing and manufacturing Android TV and IoT devices, will bring the second generation of Noveto technology to life. The premiere of the improved soundbar will take place at the IAI Smart Inc stand at the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Booth #51455.