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New XBOOM Bluetooth speakers from LG

New XBOOM Bluetooth speakers from LG
New XBOOM Bluetooth speakers from LG

LG Electronics’ Bluetooth speaker series XBOOM 360, XBOOM Go and XBOOM will be complemented by five new models from June, ranging from party speaker size to pocket size.

After its new OLED TV sets, LG Electronics just presented five new Bluetooth speakers from the XBOOM 360, XBOOM Go and XBOOM series at its own “LG Convention” trade fair. The “DXO2T” is a cone-shaped speaker that, despite its compact design, delivers authentic, omnidirectional sound – alongside striking 360-degree mood lighting. According to LG, its battery lasts around 20 hours.

LG XBOOM Bluetooth speaker

LG XBOOM Bluetooth speaker

Bass optimization

The new, splash-proof XBOOM party speaker “XL9T” has two 8-inch woofers and a “Dynamic Bass Optimizer”, which, according to the manufacturer, should ensure not only a particularly deep bass but also a more balanced sound, with the speaker also offering various lighting effects. The waterproof “Go DXG8T” model with 30 watts of output power and a bass optimization algorithm is said to produce sufficient low frequencies, even at lower volumes . The smallest of the bunch, DXG2T, has an output of 5 watts and is a waterproof, robust alternative to a cell phone speaker when you’re on the go.

LG “StanbyME” speaker XT7S

LG’s new “StanbyME Speaker” model XT7S is a portable, 900 gram speaker for mobile streaming of music and audiovisual content. It can be connected to various devices, including LG’s StanbyME lifestyle screen, and can also be used at home for easy sound reinforcement via Bluetooth. According to LG, the IPX5-certified speaker has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

DXG8T: 349 euros
DXG2T: 79 euros
DXO2T: 199 euros
XT7S: 199 euros
XL9T: 799 euros

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