Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98: Antiphase Dual Midwoofers in Seven-way Enclosures

Noble Noble Nobilis Sonum 98

Floor-standing acoustics Nobilis Sonum 98 of the Dutch company Noble & Noble is an example of unprecedented resistance to any unwanted vibrations. For this, in particular, the body was made “seven-sided”.

To the usual six planes of a rectangular parallelepiped, which, relatively speaking, is the speaker case, a seventh has been added: an L-shaped overhead front panel with a tweeter mounted in it in a small horn and an opening for a midwoofer.

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This part duplicates the bezel where the speaker is mounted. The low-mid-frequency driver is, in fact, a structure of two speakers: they are tightly, coaxially and coaxially fastened together by a massive aluminum rod.

The front speaker works in the bezel. Rear – on the opening in the back plane. They are included in antiphase, which completely neutralizes parasitic vibrations.

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Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98 has built-in amplifiers with DSP and is equipped with three digital and two analog inputs. A small wireless remote control is provided to control the system. The speakers are already available in matt black finish.

The price of Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98 floor acoustics in Europe is up to 20,000 euros per pair.

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