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Node Hylixa Signature: Updated spherical loudspeakers from Cambridge

Node Hylixa Signature
Node Hylixa Signature

Node Hylixa Signature is the next step in the development of Node Hylixa acoustics using synthetic materials and laser technologies.

“In addition to transparency, the essence of this dynamic is speed and agility,” said the Node team from Cambridge. One notable change was a completely new basic design. Gone are the tripods in favor of a heavy disc made from a solid billet of stainless steel. This helps reduce unwanted vibrational energy and also blends in more easily with different interior styles.

The Hylixa B-pillar has been completely redesigned to improve acoustic transparency. The extruded aluminum has been replaced with a laser-welded column made from the same dynamically inert glass-filled nylon used in the Hylixa drivers.

The Hylixa Signature crossovers use upgraded Mundorf capacitors, internally wired by Duelund. Hylixa cases are created using laser 3D printing. Hylixa Signature, according to the manufacturer, is the culmination of several achievements aimed at improving the product and replaces the outdated model on the market.

As before, the Signature version of the Hylixa offers endless body paint options and precious metal cladding. You can choose between shiny stainless steel or chemically blackened base. Node offers a free CGI rendering service that allows you to experiment to achieve the perfect combination of speaker design and real interior.

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