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Perlisten Audio makes its debut with two floorstanding models, a center channel speaker and three subwoofers

The young American company Perlisten Audio unveiled its first products at CES 2021: two floorstanding models, a center channel speaker and three subwoofers.

The greatest interest of the public and experts was aroused by the flagship 4-lane “towers” S7t Tower (the recommended price in the USA is from $ 7500 per pair, depending on the finish). The model has already received the THX Certified Dominus certificate. According to the developers, it is “the missing link between large home AV speakers and full-size commercial cinema speakers.”

The ability to effectively sound rooms with a volume of up to 184 cubic meters with a distance between acoustics and spectators of up to 6 m is declared – while the THX reference sound pressure levels will be provided. In two-channel music systems, the S7t is capable of creating the same soundstage as in an acoustically accurate concert hall for the listener located in the center of the 10th row. The harmonic distortion level is also stated to be less than 0.5% at volume levels up to 90 dB.

Three 28mm beryllium tweeters housed in a patented Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide provide a well-defined radiation pattern and 40 kHz upper band.

The 7 ”bass drivers feature TeXtreme carbon fiber diaphragms, which are 30% lighter than conventional.

The D212s subwoofer sells in the US for prices ranging from $ 5500 and up (depending on trim). Speaker – 12 “diameter special carbon fiber cone with 60mm peak travel. Amplifier – 3 kW, DSP – 48-bit on a 4-core ARM processor. The sub is also THX Certified Dominus certified.

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