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Piega Coax Gen2 acoustics have been replenished with Coax 311 LTD, 511 LTD and Coax 711 LTD

Piega Coax Gen2 acoustics
Piega Coax Gen2 acoustics

The Swiss company Piega SA unveiled improved special versions of the Piega Coax Gen2 series speakers. Piega Coax 311 LTD, Piega Coax 511 LTD and Piega Coax 711 LTD are technically improved solutions of the already offered models of the Piega Coax Gen2 series. While the Piega Coax 811, Piega Coax 611, Piega Coax 411 and Piega Coax Center 211 are completely new loudspeaker systems, the existing Piega Coax models have been improved and are now offered as special editions.

First of all, the new coaxial ribbon drivers stand out, which Piega SA now uses in the new Piega Coax 311 LTD, Piega Coax 511 LTD and Piega Coax 711 LTD models. They are a combination of a midrange and tweeter in a coaxial arrangement, and both are designed as ribbon drivers.

Two coaxial ribbon drivers, Piega C112 and Piega C212, are equipped with an additional neodymium magnet.

The Piega Coax 711 LTD three-way floorstanding loudspeaker system houses four 220mm woofers underneath the new Piega C212 coaxial midrange tweeter. The Piega Coax 711 LTD is said to be capable of reproducing a frequency range of 22 Hz to 50 kHz at 4 ohm impedance and 92 dB sensitivity and is designed for amplifiers with output power from 20 to 50 kHz. 250 W. This floorstanding speaker system measures 118 x 28 x 33 cm and weighs 47 kg.

Piega Coax 511 LTD, at 115 cm in height, is a slim floor-standing speaker with a width of just 22 cm. It is equipped with four 160 mm woofers in addition to the Piega C112 coaxial ribbon speakers. Two of them are active and controlled by a connected amplifier, the other two act as passive radiators. Piega Coax 511 LTD is capable of reproducing the frequency range from 32 Hz to 50 kHz. Again, the impedance is 4 ohms, the sensitivity is 90 dB, and the recommended amplifier power is 20 to 250 watts. With the already mentioned dimensions – 115 x 22 x 25 cm – the system weighs 32 kg.

Piega Coax 311 LTD received the same C112 coax and a UHQD woofer with a diameter of 160 mm. With dimensions of 41 x 22 x 25 cm and a weight of 15 kg, this is a fairly compact but extremely massive speaker system, capable of reproducing a frequency range from 35 Hz to 50 kHz, its impedance is 4 ohms and its sensitivity is 90 ohms. dB and is designed for amplifiers with power from 20 to 200 W.

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