Pioneer VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80 Monitors: Aramid Woofers, Aluminum Pads and Vortex Bass Accelerator


According to the company, Pioneer’s three premium VM-series monitors are designed for those “looking to integrate club and studio ambience into their own space.” And this is in a pandemic, when the club atmosphere is practically unattainable. The presented models – VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80 – refer to near-field monitors.

All three models received the same body design with large bevelled front panels, reinforced with 4mm aluminum plates. Among themselves, the monitors are distinguished by the size of the woofers with a cone made of aramid composite (it is claimed that it has become 30% lighter than its counterparts). These are three options in diameters of 5.25, 6.5 and 8 inches.


Accordingly, the size of the cabinets also differ, and with this, the low-frequency limit (40, 37 and 34 Hz). At the same time, all three models received the same tweeters in a horn design, operating up to 36 kHz.


To improve bass performance, the Pioneer VM Series monitors are equipped with a Vortex Bass Accelerator, a rear-directional bass reflex with flow-equalizing ribs. The new items are equipped with class D amplifiers with DSP operating at 96 kHz. The rear panel contains a volume control and frequency response controls at the upper bass frequencies with four presets for each.


All three models will go on sale in early April – in black. The smaller one, VM-50, will be supplemented by a white and silver version of the VM-50B.

In the US, both versions of the Pioneer VM-50 monitor will cost $ 170 apiece, the VM-70 will cost $ 230, and the VM-80 will cost $ 290.

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