Polaroid launches portable speakers

Polaroid Music
Polaroid Music

Polaroid is not only photography. Now, the company has just surprised us with a very striking and interesting new range of products. These are the  Polaroid Music speakers , with four different models that want to make you enjoy your music with good quality and an iconic design.


As elements in common, we find in these  four speaker models  an  analog design , with a traditional dial in the shape of a wheel, to go from song to song with a twist. In addition, they also have a heart-shaped button that, if we press it, adds the song we are listening to to favorites. Of course, although it has an analog design, they have been designed to connect to the mobile, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity . And finally, it is worth mentioning that it incorporates the  Polaroid Radio and Polaroid Music apps , a free service free of ads so that we can listen to playlists of various artists or five radio stations.

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Polaroid speaker models

Regarding the available models, these are the four options that Polaroid offers us:

  • Polaroid P1:  it is the most compact model and allows us to pair two speakers for stereo reproduction. Its price is  59.99 euros .
  • Polaroid P2:  the next potential speaker is this model, with a small display and a strap to carry it on the shoulder, on the wrist… Its price is  129.99 euros .
  • Polaroid P3:  Next up is this P3, a model with a metal top handle, increased power, and full functionality of the Polaroid Music app. Its price is  189.99 euros .
  • Polaroid P4:  and the jewel in the crown is this P4, a large, powerful speaker that we can use in multiple positions and with full functionality of the Polaroid Music app. Its price scales up to  289.99 euros .

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