PS Audio launches Aspen FR10 compact floor-standing speakers

PS Audio Aspen FR10

The American company PS Audio is expanding the popular series of speaker systems Aspen, introducing the compact floor-standing model Aspen FR10. In addition to this, the series includes larger floor-standing speakers –Aspen FR20, presented in December 2022 and Aspen FR30, which appeared a year earlier – in December 2021. Thus, PS company Audio offers floor-standing acoustics for rooms of various sizes in the Aspen series.

  Speaker systems PS Audio Aspen FR10

PS Audio’s Aspen FR10 speakers are tall just over 1 meter, 20 cm wide, but weighing an impressive 34 kg. New equipped with a new 8″ midrange driver and uses solutions developed by for the flagship Aspen FR30, in a more compact form factor. Combined with the same tweeter as and in older models – a 2.5-inch planar emitter with a diaphragm made of Teonex material, the sound character of the Aspen FR10 is in many ways similar to the presentation of the older models in the series.

  Speaker systems PS Audio Aspen FR10

The Aspen FR10 also has a different bass section, based on two new 6.5-inch woofers operating in acoustic design with three passive radiators measuring 6×9 inches, located on the back wall of the case. Crossover frequencies – 550 Hz and 1,750 Hz are implemented Linkwitz Riley 4th order filters. The sensitivity of the Aspen FR10 is 86.5 dB (2.83 V @ 1 M) at nominal resistance 4 ohms (minimum 3.3 ohms). Finally, frequency the characteristic extends from 32 Hz to 20 kHz (-6 dB).

  Speaker systems PS Audio Aspen FR10

Speaker systems PS Audio Aspen FR10 are already on sale.

Price: $10.000