Q Acoustics Concept 50 and Concept 30: Pure audio excellence

Q Acoustics unveils Concept 50 floor standing speakers and Concept 30 bookshelf speaker

Q Acoustics expanded range of line speaker Concept for home theaters. The Concept 50 floor -standing speaker and the Concept 30 bookshelf speaker complemented it .

According to the developers, the novelties, which are relatively inexpensive, inherited a number of technological features from the flagship Concept 500 .

The Concept 50 is a sleek floor-standing speaker, just over a meter high, with a pair of 5-inch D’Appolito- configured woofers inside above and below the tweeter.

Concept 50

Concept 30 is a two-way speaker system with one midwoofer and the same tweeter. The column can be mounted on a three-legged stand.

With a sensitivity of 90 dB for the Concept 50 and 87 dB for the Concept 30 , as well as an impedance of less than 4 ohms, the new products provide excellent sound even with small amplifiers.

Concept 30
Concept 30

The new speakers use the Gelcore cabinet . Its design is borrowed from the aforementioned Concept 500 flagship . It is a multi-layer construction made of several layers of wood. Here, a special gel-like intermediate layer is used, which dampens cabinet vibrations during the operation of the acoustics.

Read more about the Concept series here.

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