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Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer: Wireless and Portable

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California-based Rocksteady Corp first introduced the Rocksteady Stadium subwoofer on Kickstarter, now it’s a public component.

Rocksteady believes the Stadium is the world’s first wireless portable subwoofer. It combines the portability of Bluetooth with the connectivity and performance of a multi-speaker sound system. The Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer adds deep, rich bass to its namesake satellites, all in portable, standalone format.

An unlimited number of Rocksteady Stadium speakers and subwoofers can be connected to the wireless system. As for the subwoofer itself, it can be used indoors or outdoors. The novelty has an intuitive interface, it is a backlit touch panel, pairing and connection – with one touch. Lithium-ion batteries with fast charging provide up to 16 hours of operation. Under the rear dust cover of the subwoofer are a stereo switch, an auxiliary input, and a Type-C charging port.

Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer: Wireless and Portable

Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer: Wireless and Portable

Each Rocksteady Stadium speaker can be configured as a left or right stereo channel, and a Rocksteady Stadium subwoofer is needed to improve sound quality. It turns out a real portable audio system 2.1. The system uses AWSM audio authoring to create clear and full sound.

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