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RPT-02 SOL: Adidas launches solar-powered wireless headphones


Adidas has unveiled new wireless earbuds that can be charged with natural or artificial light. To do this, the headband of the model uses a flexible Powerfoyle material from the Swedish company Exeger, which works like a solar battery. We’ve already tested Powerfoyle technology in the world’s first solar-powered headphones, the Urbanista Los Angeles.

As for Adidas’ new addition, the RPT-02 SOL is based on the popular RPT-01 model and retains the recognizable “knitted design”. Headphones have retained protection against moisture and sweat according to the IPX4 standard , and Bluetooth has been updated to version 5.2.

In total darkness, the RPT-02 SOL promises up to 80 hours of continuous music playback, and if the Powerfoyle is exposed to light, the operating time becomes potentially infinite. If there is still not enough light, you can use standard USB charging. But, judging by the experience with Urbanista Los Angeles, you will have to remember about cables and sockets much less often.



The “green” side of the design doesn’t end with the solar panel: the headphones are made from 87% recycled plastic and are further recycled to minimize waste. The model will be available in gray or yellow colors. It remains to be seen how the Adidas RPT-02 SOL sound.

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