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Rumors: Sonos will release another portable wireless speaker

On the website of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) , data on the registration of a wireless portable speaker with a rechargeable battery by Sonos appeared . Any similar product must go through such a registration at the very beginning, so data from the FCC website very often becomes a source of information about models that manufacturers still keep secret. This was the case with the previous Sonos wireless speaker.

This time, we managed to find out that the new product was registered under the number S27 (and the previous portable device, Sonos Move , had the number S17 in the FCC. In addition, from the same documentation it is clear that the new product will receive a docking station for wireless charging and will receive Bluetooth modules and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

The dimensions of the future portable speaker are indirectly indicated by the power consumption parameters specified in the FCC documentation: they are lower than that of the Sonos Move. It is logical to assume that the novelty will be smaller in size. It is worth remembering that the compact Sonos Move speaker can be considered a stretch: this model will definitely not fit into a purse, except perhaps in a backpack.

The published information allows us to make guesses about the design of the new column. On the same site, a view of the label located on the lower plane is published. The inscriptions running in a circle clearly indicate that the novelty will have a cylindrical (or so) body. This means that it will likely sound omnidirectional.

There is no data yet on the price of the future model. But it is logical to assume that it should still be lower than the $ 400 that has to be paid in the US for the Sonos Move.

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