Samsung Ultra Slim soundbar is one of the most interesting new products of 2022

Samsung Ultra Slim soundbar is one of the most interesting new products of 2022
Samsung Ultra Slim soundbar is one of the most interesting new products of 2022

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In Samsung’s 2022 soundbar lineup , the  S810B/S811B * Ultra Slim is a standout with its compact and sleek design.

Despite its size, this 330-watt device is not only up to par with larger counterparts, but also has a number of interesting features, which we will briefly review here.

The first thing that catches your eye is, of course, the design. The soundbar is 1.16m long and less than 4cm wide and high ! The manufacturer emphasizes that it looks especially impressive when wall mounted, the mount for which is included. The included wireless subwoofer is shaped like a small cube with each side measuring 24 cm long .

The next important feature is  Dolby Atmos support . The soundbar offers a 3.1.2 configuration that promises surround sound. And if your content is not recorded in  Dolby Atmos format , it does not matter. DTS Virtual:X technology  will recreate surround sound even from a standard audio track.

By the way,  the Ultra Slim soundbar is capable of wirelessly receiving  Dolby Atmos audio from a compatible  Samsung  TV. Such a solution is being implemented for the first time in the world, the manufacturer claims. And one more detail – the  S810B / S811B audio system was tuned in a specialized  Samsung Audio Lab in the USA, which employs 20 leading sound experts.

Further,  Adaptive Sound technology allows the soundbar to recognize content and optimize the sound in each specific scene. Thanks to it, you will clearly capture the dialogues even at low volume. Another technology contributes to the improved clarity of character voices –  Active Voice Amplifier . It will allow you to follow the plot even in the presence of ambient noise.

As for wired connections, only one of them is available in the form of an  HDMI ARC output . Obviously, the engineers had to take this step for the sake of compactness. However, this minus is more than offset by wireless options thanks to  Wi-Fi and  Bluetooth modules . This makes it easy to play music from mobile devices through the soundbar using Chromecast  and  AirPlay 2 technology . And the Tap Sound  function  will connect with just one touch. We also note here that the device can be controlled by voice using  Google / Alexa programs .

Developers have not forgotten about gamers either. So, when you switch the TV to game mode, the soundbar also switches to game mode so that you immediately “focus on the game, not on the settings,” the manufacturer claims.

Another useful feature is  SpaceFit Sound . It will automatically calibrate the sound depending on the acoustic characteristics of your room.

And finally, the most efficient soundbar can be achieved when it is connected to …, of course, a  Samsung TV . The manufacturer claims that with this arrangement, synergy of the two audio systems is achieved thanks to  Q-Symphony technology .

The soundbar  HW-S810B in black and  HW-S811B in white are already available in the European market .