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SeaWave Acoustics AM45: Huge floor-standing speakers with horns

SeaWave Acoustics has unveiled its flagship speakers SeaWave Acoustics AM45 . The loudspeakers are made in a four-way configuration and are equipped with two horns serving the high-frequency and ultra-high frequency ranges. The supertweeter is equipped with an inch Korean Hanji paper cone , and a two-inch titanium dome driver works on the HF. The mid-range driver with a 6-inch cone made of the same Korean Hanji paper works in an Open Baffle acoustic design .

SeaWave Acoustics AM45 - Floorstanding flagships with horns

The low-frequency range in the SeaWave AM45 loudspeakers is assigned to the bass drivers with a diameter of 8 and 11 inches, enclosed in a separate housing made of composite plastic PEP light . In terms of density, this material surpasses the silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicon) AC4C , from which the bass section is made in another model of SeaWave Plotinus speakers .

According to the developers from SeaWave Acoustics , they managed to solve typical problems of both multi-band and horn systems, as evidenced, for example, by the uniformity of the frequency response – the range from 20 Hz to 35 kHz the SeaWave AM45 speakers reproduce with unevenness of only ± 2 dB at a sensitivity of 94 dB. Internal wiring is made of 6N oxygen-free copper cables , connected using non-solder technology without soldering.

SeaWave Acoustics AM45 - Floorstanding flagships with horns

The manufacturer recommends using AM45 loudspeakers with amplifiers ranging from 20 W to 5 kW. Each speaker weighs 125 kg at 1.36 m and is available in red and black, rose gold and black, Poseidon blue and beach and olive wood finishes . In the US, SeaWave AM45 speakers can already be purchased for $ 136,000 .

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