Seawave AM 23: Bookshelf speakers with beryllium super tweeter

Seawave AM 23
Seawave AM 23

The South Korean company SeaWave Acoustics has introduced Seawave AM 23 shelf monitors equipped with a proprietary beryllium super tweeter that extends the acoustics operating range to 35 kHz. The body of the novelty is made of aluminum alloy AC4C, which ensures its complete inertness and stylish design, emphasized by the proprietary horn. As a result, the Seawave AM 23 looks as good as it sounds and sounds as good as it looks.


Combining two qualities – exceptional lightness and high rigidity, beryllium is an ideal material for high-frequency radiators. Beryllium cones provide the extreme acceleration, deceleration and re-acceleration required for super tweeters.


Each electrical connection point inside the AM23 speaker is made using Seawave Acoustic’s patented solderless (NST) technique. All solder is based on lead, which interferes with the passage of an electrical signal, causing a voltage drop, which negatively affects the sound quality. In the manufacture of Seawave AM 23 monitors, crimped and twisted sealed connections are used, devoid of these disadvantages.


The crossover circuit uses proprietary ceramic resistors, Kapton inductors with nickel alloy cores and capacitors also based on Kapton film.

Technical characteristics of acoustic systems Seawave Acoustic AM 23:

  • Type: passive 3-way bookshelf speaker
  • Drivers:   Super Tweeter – 20mm beryllium dome driver, 50mm horn compression tweeter, 200mm Eton Hexacone mid/bass driver
  • Crossover frequencies:   1.2 kHz, 18 kHz
  • Frequency response:   32Hz – 35kHz
  • Sensitivity:   91 dB
  • Rated impedance:   8 ohm
  • Body material:   AC4C aluminum alloy
  • Single speaker dimensions (H x W x D):   370 x 310 x 570 mm
  • Single column weight: 27 kg