Simaudio Moon Voice 22: Bookshelf speakers on seemingly floating poles

Simaudio Moon Voice 22
Simaudio Moon Voice 22

Two-way speakers Voice 22 became the first sample of acoustics in the history of the Moon brand of the Canadian company Simaudio. Until now, under this name, mainly amplifiers, players and other rack-mount components have been produced – and it is clear that the developer considers his equipment to be the best partner for Moon Voice 22.

The speakers are equipped with a 29mm soft dome tweeter with an integrated waveguide.

At low frequencies, a 155 mm woofer with a polypropylene cone on an extensive half-wave rubber suspension works. The architecture of the woofer is just right for the piston mode, and indeed, the Voice 22 has a low-frequency limit of 45 Hz.

The transducer bands are separated at 1.5 kHz, and the tweeter reaches 30 kHz with a claimed acoustic sensitivity of 89 dB. With an impedance of 6 ohms, the recommended amplifier power for the Voice 22 is between 50 and 150 watts. The subwoofer port is rear directional.

The new products used Simaudio Hover Base technology – a “floating base”, a vibration decoupling option, which, however, does not exclude the use of a custom branded stand.

The stand itself is powder coated stainless steel for a matte black finish and comes with interchangeable spikes/rubber feet. Speakers are available in glossy black or white finishes.

In the US, two-way Moon Voice 22s cost $3,000 a pair, with stands for another $400.