SONOS and IKEA are preparing a new product in the Symfonisk line

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Although SONOS is adding to the product line and recently released the Roam, Move and Arc soundbar, the collaboration with IKEA on the Symfonisk line will continue in the future.

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Recall that the companies have released two solutions – a desk lamp with an audio speaker and a small speaker that can be compared to a bookshelf.

Two new joint products appeared in the FCC documentation at once, and new devices began to be teased in the IKEA account.

Apparently, one of the solutions will be similar to the Sonos 1 speaker, but it will be a non-table lamp upgrade that will cost $ 179.

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The second product is much more interesting, because it is a kind of art object, which is a column. According to The Verge, it could be a picture that can be framed.+

By the way, it does not seem that we will be reissued by the “book of the shelf” for 99 US dollars.

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