Sony HT-S40R: New 5.1 soundbar complete with a wireless subwoofer

Sony introduced the HT-S40R Wireless Surround Sound System. At the heart of this 600W 5.1-channel set is a soundbar that drives a subwoofer and two rear speakers.

According to Sony, the system will provide dynamic sound that fills the entire room.

The signal to the HT-S40R can be broadcast wirelessly (Bluetooth) with a compatible Sony TV.

The soundbar also works wirelessly with a subwoofer and satellites, but additional speakers still have to be connected with wires to a special compact amplifier that comes with the kit. The amplifier can be simply placed next to it, or mounted on the wall.

The soundbar was equipped with HDMI ARC, digital optical input and analog.

The model supports Dolby Digital sound, but compatibility with object-oriented formats is not declared.

The HT-S40R can stream music via built-in Bluetooth. There is also a dedicated USB port for this.

Sales of the new kit will start in May. The kit will cost about $400