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Soundcore Motion X500: The most portable spatial audio speaker

Soundcore Motion X500
Soundcore Motion X500

Soundcore will soon be launching the Motion X500, a speaker with spatial audio that is surprisingly compact for its capabilities. This joins the company’s line of portable speakers, fitting between the X300 and X600 range, but with an even more portable design than the previous one; so it is ideal to take to a picnic and to the pool, as it also happens to be water resistant (IPX7).

Soundcore Motion X500

Going into details , the Soundcore Motion To provide deeper bass, the X500 includes two passive radiators intended to reinforce the bass. Additionally, the digital amplifiers built into the Motion X500 produce up to 40W of power . According to Anker, this is enough to fill a room with rich and detailed 3D spatial sound.

With that said, we are dealing with a high-fidelity speaker, which naturally exhibits Hi-Res audio certification and is compatible with codecs such as LDAC and AAC ; so both Android and Apple users will be able to get the most out of this device. To achieve crystal clear sound, the Soundcore Motion X500 uses a high-end DSP together with the company’s spatial audio algorithm.

Aesthetically it is also an attractive speaker, which boasts a matte finish aluminum construction and the Soundcore logo embossed on the front grill. Likewise, its bag design with a handle makes things easy to transport, and the dynamic LED lights change depending on the mode chosen in the Soundcore app.

Speaking of the application, it provides access to sound equalization using a 9-band graph for advanced tuning.

Availability and price

The Soundcore Motion X500 goes on sale on November 9 for a price of $170. It is available in 3 color presentations: black, blue and pink.

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