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Soundgil Haydn: Hybrid two-way horn speaker

Haydn, but not Joseph – a two-way speaker with a bass reflex low-frequency module from Taiwan Soundgil is named after this composer.

At the heart of every Haydn system is the 75mm beryllium midrange-tweeter horn driver. The birch plywood horn itself with an internal frame structure has a horizontal-vertical opening of 90 ° by 30 °, respectively.

It is complemented by a 16-inch woofer with a composite paper cone on an external suspension of a specially constructed light synthetic rubber. This way the system maintains the linearity of the voice coil movements. It is wound on a titanium frame with silver-plated OFC copper, and, according to the manufacturer, “handles tremendous power.

For Soundgil Haydn acoustics, a sensitivity of 99 dB and a maximum input power of 300 W at an impedance of 8 ohms are declared. The uniformity, as for a horn, is impressive: the frequency response is 20-20 kHz, ± 3 dB. The cabinets are finished in glossy black piano lacquer and weigh 80 kg each.

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