Stenheim Reference Ultime Two: Flagship speakers priced at $150,000

Stenheim Reference Ultime Two

The Swiss company Stenheim has presented a new model of the Reference Ultime Two speaker systems , based on the same solutions as the top-end Reference Ultime, but enclosed in more compact enclosures.

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The model is a three-way system in the d’Appolito configuration. The driver kit includes two 12 “woofers , two 6.5″ midrange drivers and one  tweeter.

The loudspeaker enclosures are entirely made of aluminum and are divided into six separate internal chambers. Four of them have a closed design and are intended for a tweeter, two midrange drivers and a crossover filter, and the other two contain large woofers loaded on the bass reflex ports, brought out to the rear wall.

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The declared frequency range extends from 25 to 35,000 Hz , the sensitivity is 95 dB , and the nominal impedance is 4 Ohms . The dimensions of each speaker are 1535 x 368 x 505 mm , weight – 231 kilograms .


The Stenheim Reference Ultime Two pair is priced at $ 150,000 .

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