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Tannoy Super Gold unveiled: A series of classic Tannoy speakers

Tannoy Super Gold
Tannoy Super Gold

British audio legends Tannoy continue to build on their 95-year history of designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and loudspeakers with the introduction of their new Super Gold series of passive professional monitors . Like the legendary original Monitor Gold , the Tannoy Super Gold range of monitors are designed and manufactured in the UK. Many professional recording studios have been equipped with Monitor Gold speakers since the 60s of the last century. Many iconic albums by such artists as Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Eagles, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Christina Aguilera and many others were written and mixed on these monitors.

Tannoy Super Gold Monitor 15

The Tannoy Super Gold series includes three models of passive monitors – Super Gold 10 , Super Gold 12 and Super Gold 15 . The number in the model name reflects the size of the driver installed, with all drivers, traditionally Tannoy, having a dual concentric design with the tweeter mounted at the center of the driver’s main cone, a format invented by Tannoy in 1947 and used in the classic Monitor Gold.

Tannoy Super Gold Monitor Series

In the point source concept, the entire frequency spectrum comes from one point, and both emitters, both the high-frequency one and those serving the mid/low frequency region, are located on the same axis. Tannoy says this approach provides unmatched off-axis performance and perfect phase coherence.

Since the new series of monitors is aimed at installation in living rooms, and not in front of mixing consoles, the Super Gold Monitor 10 and 12 models have a two-way frequency response control system on the front, while the SGM 15 is equipped with a three-way control system. In addition, the British company claims that thanks to the front location of the bass reflex ports, Super Gold series monitors can be placed against walls or in corners without deteriorating sound.

Tannoy Super Gold Monitor 10

The new Tannoy Super Gold Monitor series is now on sale in the UK. The SGM 10 is priced from £5,995 . For the SGM 12 monitors you will have to pay 6,995 pounds sterling , and the older model SGM 15 is priced at 8,495 pounds sterling.

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