Technics SB-C600: Bookshelf speakers with Phase Precision coaxial drivers

Technics SB C600

Technics SB-C600 – Bookshelf speakers that come as part of a new series of Premium C600. The release of these speakers should remind brand lovers of the first Technics product released back in 1965 – they were just compact two-way speakers.

The SB-C600 is a two-way bass reflex coaxial in discreet black. The relative position of sound sources – the tweeter is coaxial with the bass and midrange speaker – allows us to talk about the approach to the sound of a point source, built on the principle of “linear phase”.

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First of all, this is the Phase Precision coaxial driver itself, consisting of a 15 cm woofer and an inch aluminum tweeter. Linear phase connection minimizes distortion specific to two-way systems, and the balanced BDMA driver mounting system suppresses unnecessary vibration.

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This is facilitated by the rigid body with an internal partition. The front bass reflex has an aerodynamic profile that maintains a laminar air flow even at high volumes.

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The SB-C600 bookshelf speakers will be available in November. In the UK, Technics SB-C600 speakers will cost £ 800.

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