Tekton Design Open Baffle: Speaker system in an open design

Tekton Design Open Baffle
Tekton Design Open Baffle

The American company Tekton Design has opened pre-orders for a new model of Open Baffle speaker systems .

ImageAs the name suggests, the speaker systems have an open design. The speaker set includes the company’s patented array of seven tweeters, as well as a 15-inch woofer with an impregnated cellulose cone on a fabric surround. The system body is made of a multilayer composite, the design and composition of which allows you to control the spread of vibrations. The dimensions of each speaker are 1160 x 52 x 300 mm .

ImageThe Tekton Design Open Baffle Speaker Systems are made in the USA and cost $3,000 per pair to pre-order (with a full retail price of $7,000 ).