Teufel launches Stereo L2 active floor-standing three-way speaker


Teufel has launched a new active wireless speaker called Stereo L2. The Stereo L2 can receive a music signal wirelessly or via a cable. Removable fronts are included and the buyer can choose between a black and white version.

In January 2024, the German manufacturer Teufel released the Stereo M2 , a set of active wireless two-way speakers that can receive a music signal wirelessly or via a cable (also read our review of the Teufel Stereo M2 ). The Teufel Home series has been supplemented with the floor-standing Stereo L2. The connectivity and feature package are the same as the Stereo M2, but the Stereo L2 is a larger speaker and it is a three-way system. The housing is made of FSC-certified wood, finished with sanding varnish. The removable front is equipped with recycled textile fibers

Wireless music signal can come in via AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast or Bluetooth. Spotify Connect and TuneIn (internet radio) are supported. There is also an optical connection and a stereo cinch connection.

The Stereo L2 is a three-way system with three woofers with a cone made of Kevlar. The tweeter is located in the heart of the midrange, which approximates a point source. Each speaker has a 190 Watt class D amplifier on board. There is no cable between the speakers. Each speaker therefore needs a socket, but the music signal is transferred wirelessly. That gives a lot of freedom when drafting.

On the right speaker there is a control panel with proximity sensor and automatic lighting. Management and operation continue via the Teufel Home. The Teufel Raumfeld app is not suitable and cannot be used.

The recommended retail price is just under 2,000 euros. Knowing more? Then take a look at the Teufel website .