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Teufel MOTIV HOME: Say hello to the new smart home speaker from Teufel

Teufel is renewing its line of audio devices, and just as we recently learned about its spectacular headphones called Real Blue Pro , it is now doing so with its smart speakers for the home under the name Teufel MOTIV HOME . If you prioritize power and autonomy over size, this may be your ideal option.

Teufel MOTIV HOME is basically a stand-alone model that can play music from almost any modern source, be it Airplay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect, and even tune in with quick access between the thousands of Tune-In radio stations. Inside, a battery for up to 15 hours of playback at medium volume allows you to use it anywhere in the house, even outdoors.

Teufel MOTIV HOME Features

Teufel MOTIV HOME is expensive but has everything you need

As the images show, it is a fairly robust model in its dimensions and for this purpose a handle has been incorporated directly into the case so that you can transport it safely and easily anywhere. Its configuration includes physical buttons such as the traditional manual volume wheel that will help you control it without resorting to your cell phone.

If you want to use the free Teufel Home application, you can not only modify equalization parameters but also access the Tune-In Internet radio service and save your favorite stations directly to one of the three favorite buttons . Otherwise, Spotify also supports shortcuts with these physical buttons.

Internally, the MOTIV HOME speaker tops with a composition of four full-range drivers, accompanied by a 5-inch subwoofer at the front and two passive bass membranes at the rear. There is also no lack of support for Dynamore Ultra sound technology that can be activated manually to generate a virtual stereo audio experience.

Finally, in addition to including Wi-Fi connectivity for completely free use of other external devices, you can logically synchronize your phone or computer via Bluetooth with AAC or even via a 3.5 mm line input for external players.

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