The 15 most impressive high-end horn loudspeakers ever made

The 15 most impressive high-end horn loudspeakers ever made
The 15 most impressive high-end horn loudspeakers ever made

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, horn acoustic design has remained one of the main speakers for speakers that can recreate the sound “in full growth”.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of today’s most impressive high-end horn loudspeakers – the 15 examples featured are truly dreamlike.


15. Klipsch Jubilee


The culmination of Klipsch’s developments in audio, Jubilee loudspeakers impress not only with their size, but also with an active crossover with an ultra-low crossover point. A 7” K-693 titanium compression driver on top, a pair of 12” woofers – everything works in a horn design and reaches 105 dB of sensitivity with a frequency response from 18 to 20,000 Hz. Bravo – the concept of hyperrealism is now applicable to this price group.


14. ODEON Audio Carnegie


The top-of-the-line ODEON Audio Carnegie speakers boast 97dB of sensitivity and work well with low power tube amplification. A 38 mm milar compression tweeter with a 2.4 Tesla magnet system, a 13 cm midrange driver and a 38 cm woofer are all enclosed in proprietary multilayer wood composite horns. The speakers operate in the band from 26 Hz to 29 kHz – and, I must say, for their price tag in the “initial High End” segment, they easily put a lot of competitors on the blades.


13. Destination Audio Vista


Old-fashioned speakers with impressive performance characteristics – Destination Audio Vista reach 105 dB of sensitivity, that is, even a one-watt amplifier can turn them on. Compression tweeter, midrange driver with a phenol diaphragm, a pair of 16” woofers and up to 120 dB of sound pressure – everything is fine here. Frequency response 35 – 19,000 Hz, resistance, of course, 8 ohms and the weight of each speaker is 245 kg.


12 Viking Acoustic Grande Voix


The amazing Viking Acoustic Grande Voix is ​​not only a tribute to the past, but also a sound with excellent macro dynamics. The speakers are equipped with a 1.25” textile tweeter, a 6.5” AlNiCo magnetic system midrange driver (both drivers are enclosed in horn design) and a stunning 18” woofer. 98 dB sensitivity, frequency response within 19 – 30,000 Hz, as they say, the impossible is possible.


11. AER Pnoe


As if they came straight from the paintings of Salvador Dali, the company calls the AER Pnoe speakers the “ultimate” horn speakers for a reason. The speakers use top branded BD4 wideband drivers – a single-band circuit does not require a crossover and provides an exceptionally transparent sound. 116dB of sensitivity is top notch, and the 20Hz bandwidth is provided by a giant reverse horn on the bass.


10. VIVA Nuda


Four-way stalwarts, in which horns are used at medium and mid-bass frequencies. VIVA does not disclose all the characteristics of Nuda, assuring that it will be optimal to use speakers with proprietary tube amplification, and their frequency response of 20 – 30,000 Hz has a minimum error. Judging by the demonstrations at audio exhibitions, VIVA Nuda is really capable of driving even experienced audiophiles crazy.


9. Diesis Audio Roma


Diesis Audio recently launched the Roma speakers, uncompromising speakers weighing 115kg each. A pair of 15″ dipole woofers, a 2″ midrange compression driver and a 1″ tweeter, 98.5 dB sensitivity, frequency response from 30 to 38,000 Hz and a maximum power input of 400 watts – everything looks great. The sound of the speakers is more like an open window.


8. Aries Cerat Symphonia LE


Although the Aries Cerat Symphonia LE speakers are not located at the very top of the company’s model range, few can compare with them in terms of presentation. The loudspeakers are equipped with multilayer extravagant horns, completely devoid of resonances, a RAAL ribbon driver is responsible for the high frequencies in them, followed by a 4 ”compression driver and a woofer in the return horn. 101 dB of sensitivity and frequency response from 30 to 100,000 Hz are the finishing touches.


7. Avantgarde Trio G3


How do you like the resistance of 27 ohms with a sensitivity of 109 dB? Apparently, the speakers can be shaken even with the little finger, and if you are too lazy to look for pentode amplification, then the company will offer a version of the iTRON speakers in full active inclusion and a digital-to-analog conversion module with preamplification and streaming options over the air. The sound of the Avantgarde Trio G3 is incredibly refined.


6. Oswalds Mill Audio Imperia


Oswalds Mill Audio is famous for its extremely high prices for its products – well, the Imperia speakers are no exception. Almost three hundred thousand dollars will be asked for an array of horns that sound a band of 100 – 20,000 Hz, and bottom support is guaranteed by a pair of branded remote subwoofers equipped with 21 ”speakers! The honest frequency response starts from 20 Hz, the sensitivity is 105 dB, and the scale of the sound canvas that the Oswalds Mill Audio Imperia can draw can hardly be compared with anything.


5. Tune Audio Avaton


Five years of development, almost four hundred thousand dollars of retail – all this is Tune Audio Avaton. Acoustic systems operate in a band of 32 Hz and are equipped “from below” with an 18” speaker weighing 21 kg. This is followed by an asymmetrical mib-bass horn made of a special dampening sandwich and a cast iron HF horn. The speakers are powered by a 3-watt amplification, and their sensitivity is 105 dB.


4. Acapella Spharon Excalibur


2.3 meters tall, weighing 620 kg each – we meet the flagship of Acapella, the Spharon loudspeakers. A plasma tweeter is responsible for the treble (traditionally for the company), mid frequencies are sounded by two speakers (2 ”and 12”) in the horns, as many as four 18 ”drivers work on the bass. The speakers play in the band from 15 to 40,000 Hz, and their sensitivity reaches 107 dB. sound? Mind-blowing!


3. Magico Ultimate


The phenomenal appearance of the Magico Ultimate has already become the talk of the town – as well as the sound signature of this model. Loudspeakers weighing 500 kg each have a sensitivity of 114 dB, an impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency response of 20 – 33,000 Hz. The drivers used are 1” tweeter, 6” midrange, another lower midrange, 12” mid-bass (all in horns) and a 15” woofer with its own kW amplifier.


2 Vox Olympian


An attempt to put the “final point” in the design of acoustic systems from a well-known British developer. Vox Olympian quad speakers include horn main units and Elysian remote subwoofers that operate from 20 to 70 Hz. The “main” speakers, weighing 210 kg, close the frequency response from 70 to 45,000 Hz and use the most complex four-way circuit with bronze horns. The result is absolutely phenomenal.


1. Cessaro Omega I


Until recently, it seemed impossible to beat the price of Magico Ultimate or Vox Olympian, but Cessaro with their Omega I speakers broke even these barriers. Acoustics for millionaires weighs 4.5 tons (four and a half tons is not a typo), claims 116 dB of sensitivity and is equipped with eight speakers, including 16 ”woofers. Bravo.

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