The Seventy Five: Luxury bed from Savoir and KEF priced at $115.000

The Seventy Five
The Seventy Five

Luxury furniture manufacturer Savoir and legendary speaker designer KEF have teamed up to create the world’s first ultra-luxury speaker system.


British company Savoir has been producing bespoke beds since 1905. Each bed is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in London or Wales from the finest natural materials, tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Savoir’s custom beds are so expensive that they reportedly only sell 1,000 beds a year.

The latest Savoir bed model will become popular among music lovers. The luxury bed maker has teamed up with fellow iconic British brand KEF to create the new SEVENTY FIVE , which is touted as the first luxury bed with built-in sound systems. The name Seventy Five means “the perfect rhythm (beats per minute) of a song to help you relax.”


According to Savoir, each SEVENTY FIVE bed is the result of 150 hours of manual labor of the highest class craftsmen. It features a distinctive design with two contrasting fabrics, and the headboard and base are finished in luxurious Kvadrat x Raf Simmons fabric. The fabric is made from eco-friendly wool and is said to improve sound quality. The back of the bed is upholstered in recycled Kirkby Design fabric.

Speaker systems KEF Reference Series Ci3160REFM-THX

The Seventy Five bed features dark American walnut side tables with wireless charging ports, seamlessly combining the classic heritage of Savoir with modern KEF designs.


KEF’s contribution to the Savoir SEVENTY FIVE bed is a pair of premium built-in speaker systems, the KEF Reference Series Ci3160REFM-THX ($16,000 per pair). These flagship audiophile-grade in-wall speakers are integrated into the curved headboard of the bed, creating an impressive surround soundstage. Built-in speaker systems are complemented by six KEF Kube 8b subwoofers ($3,600 for six) tucked into the base of the bed. Each subwoofer is equipped with an 8-inch long-throw speaker with a 300-watt amplifier and is capable of operating from 34 Hz.

Active subwoofers KEF Kube 8b

The source and amplifier will have to be purchased separately, but most buyers will likely want to connect the music bed to their existing home audio system or smart home controller.


The Savoir x KEF SEVENTY FIVE bed can now be ordered directly from Savoir. The bed is on display at the Savoir showroom on Green Street (New York). Price determined at time of order, starts at $115,093 and can go up to $146,042 (not including installation) for king size and full options.