The top 10 best in-ear headphones this fall 2022

The 10 best in-ear headphones this fall
The 10 best in-ear headphones this fall

Despite the explosive growth in the popularity of true wireless headphones, true audiophiles know that you can still get the highest sound quality only from wired models. And manufacturers continue to supply them with excellent in-ear headphones in a variety of price categories.

In this article, we have collected 10 of the most interesting models that entered the market in the summer of 2022. The rating is in ascending order of price.


10. CCA PLA13

Price – $63.99

Inexpensive model equipped with isodynamic (planar) radiators.

The headphones use a planar driver with a 13.2mm diaphragm and a dual load chamber, and the body is made of a combination of metal alloy and hypoallergenic epoxy resin. It also has a transparent window through which you can see the internal structure. The kit includes a detachable cable with a 0.75 mm bipolar plug, a 3.5 mm mini-jack and a built-in microphone. The conductor cores in the cable are made of silver-plated copper. Each pair is equipped with silicone eartips of different sizes, the sensitivity of the model is 100 dB, the impedance is 16 ohms.

Pros – low price for planar headphones, original design

Cons – at this price nothing

Verdict: A budget way to join the world of isodynamic headphones


9. Moondrop Aria Snow Edition

Price – $79.99

An improved version of the popular Aria wired headphones. As the name implies, one of the main differences from the original version was the snow-white color of the aluminum case, on which the image of a snowflake is applied. The main upgrade is a new dynamic radiator, borrowed from the older models of the company. This 10mm driver is equipped with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm and is loaded on a dual bronze acoustic chamber. Along with the headphones comes a higher quality detachable cable with silver-plated copper conductors, as well as new branded Spring ear pads. The sensitivity of the in-ears are 119 dB, the impedance is 32 ohms.

Pros – beautiful finish, updated dynamic driver, high sensitivity

Cons – nothing

Verdict: Luxurious looks and balanced sound


8 Salnotes Dioko

Price – $99

Inexpensive headphones built on magnetoplanar (isodynamic) emitters. They have a driver with a 14.6 mm diaphragm with a voice coil applied on it, driven by two N55 neodymium magnets. The body of the headphones consists of two parts, while the acoustic chamber with a nozzle is machined from a single piece of aluminum, and the outer part is made of sapphire glass with an oleophobic coating. The scope of supply includes a detachable cable with litz conductors, which uses 216 copper and silver-plated conductors in a lacquer finish. It is equipped with a 3.5 mm mini-jack. The sensitivity of the headphones is 106 dB, the impedance is 16 ohms.

Pros – planar headphones are inexpensive, original design, litz cable

Cons – except perhaps the color of the case

Verdict: Beautiful, inexpensive and sound good – that’s all about Salnotes Dioko


7. Letshuoer Z12 Gold Edition

Price – $169

Among Chinese companies, it has become fashionable to involve bloggers in setting up the sound of headphones. So the audio blogger Zeos, the host of the Z Reviews channel, took part in the creation of the Letshuoer Z12 model. The basis was the popular Z12 model with 14.8 mm planar drivers. The main change was that the response in the range below 50 Hz was increased by 2 dB, which made the bass more expressive. But the appearance of the limited edition turned out to be interesting – the headphones will have multi-colored overlays: gold – for the right earpiece, black – for the left. The kit includes a cable with silver-plated copper conductors, model impedance – 16 Ohm, sensitivity – 102 dB.

Pros – interesting concept, beautiful finish, great choice for fans of electronic genres

Cons – lovers of balanced sound may not like

Verdict: An original way to attract new customers


6.Hidiz MD4

Price – $189

In-ear reinforcing headphones with a three-way design. Each headphone has four branded reinforcing radiators, two of which reproduce the low-frequency range, and one each for medium and high frequencies. A well-coordinated work is provided by a crossover filter, at the level of which it is additionally possible to adjust the sound to the listener’s preferences, you can choose from four settings – Balanced, Warm, Treble, Bass. The headphone housings are made of aluminum alloy, the plate covering the acoustic volume is plated in rose gold. The 0.78mm bipolar 3.5mm mini-jack cable features oxygen-free copper and silver strands, comes with a leather storage case and nine pairs of ear pads. The sensitivity of the model is 102 dB, the impedance is 8 ohms.

Pros – beautiful cabinets, filter-level sound tuning, low impedance

Cons – nothing to complain about

Verdict: A great choice for lovers of rebar headphones


5. Rose Technics QT-X

Price – $399

Hybrid headphones, each of which has seven drivers – one dynamic driver with an 8 mm liquid crystal polymer diaphragm and six Danish-made reinforcing drivers. Coordinated operation of all drivers in a four-way configuration is provided by an acoustic chamber system and a passive crossover. The sensitivity of the model is 108 dB, the impedance is 18 ohms. The headphones are equipped with a detachable Blue Rose cable with monocrystalline copper conductors and a 3.5 mm mini-jack.

Pros – high-quality drivers, beautiful cases, low impedance

Cons – Requires a fairly deep dive into the canal

Verdict: Serious headphones for fans of original solutions


4.QoA Margarita

Price – $549

The new product from the QoA brand, whose name stands for Queen Of Audio, uses three different types of emitters. The bass is delivered by a 7mm dynamic driver with a titanium-plated diaphragm. The mids are handled by a custom-made rebar driver, while the high frequencies are handled by two electrostatic drivers from Sonion. The matching of the emitters is provided by a three-band crossover filter, as well as special waveguides inside the 3D printed housing. Available in two different colors, the headphones come with a detachable cable with interchangeable plugs (2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm) and silver-plated copper strands, and a leather storage case. The sensitivity of the model is 110 dB, the impedance is 61 ohms.

Pros – electrostatic emitters, beautiful finish

Cons – Portable amplifier must be powerful

Verdict: A successful attempt to combine three different types of emitters


3. Shanling MG800

Price – $899

The top model of the company with dynamic radiators. Each earphone is equipped with an 11mm DLC driver and N48 neodymium double magnet system. The cabinets are CNC-machined from titanium alloy and have a semi-open acoustic design. The package includes three bronze nozzles of different sizes, allowing you to customize the sound of the headphones to your preferences. The model comes with a detachable cable from Furukawa, which has a hybrid design – six strands are made of single-crystal copper and two are made of silver-plated copper. The cable comes with three interchangeable connectors – 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm.

Pros – thoughtful design, titanium body, replaceable bronze nozzles

Cons – expensive, there are strong competitors

Verdict: One of the best in-ear dynamic headphones on the market


2. Softears Twilight

Price – $930

The flagship model from Softears features a wraparound, aircraft-grade aluminum body that is CNC machined. The headphones are built on dynamic drivers with a 10mm diamond-like carbon diaphragm on a FreeEdge polyurethane suspension and the lightest voice coil from Daikoku. Special damping materials are also used in the hull design. The weight of one earphone is 6 grams, the sensitivity of the model is 116 dB, the impedance is 16 ohms. The headphones are equipped with a detachable cable with 0.78 mm bipolar connectors and a 4.4 mm plug, as well as a 3.5 mm adapter. The set includes both branded silicone ear cushions and memory foam ear cushions.

Pros – unusual design, thoughtful design, low impedance

Cons – high price

Verdict: One of the most interesting headphones of the season


1. BGVP ArtMagic ED12

Price – $ 1,350

The most expensive headphones in the ranking also have the most complex design. As many as twelve emitters are installed inside each earpiece! The set includes four Sonion low-voltage electrostatic drivers, six Knowles armature drivers and two specially designed permanent magnet drivers. The headphones are equipped with a detachable Black Roland cable with highly pure single-crystal copper strands and a 3.5 mm mini-jack. The sensitivity is 112 dB, the impedance is 29 ohms. The model is available in two colors

Pros – stunning design, stunning appearance

Cons – the amplifier will have to be selected carefully

Verdict: The best headphones this season