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Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury: Flagship acoustics with magnetized speakers

Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury
Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury

The American company Treehaus Audiolab from Connecticut presented at the Capital Audiofest 2023 exhibition , held last weekend, updated flagship Phantom of Luxury speaker systems based on Field-Coil speakers, in which electromagnets rather than permanent magnets operate in the magnetic system.

Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury is a dipole speaker system in an open acoustic design. The design of the acoustics emphasizes the naturalness of the materials used and their inherent imperfection, since only such materials, according to the manufacturer, are capable of creating live sound.

Speaker systems Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury

The new product is based on a wide-range 10-inch speaker with Super Aero bias from Atelier Rullit. These drivers are based on refurbished vintage Klangfilm and Telefunken speakers and are hand-modified in Germany using vintage copper wire for the voice coil and ultra-light paper for the cones. These full-range speakers are complemented by a Fostex T900A super-tweeter, operating at frequencies above 14 kHz, and a 15-inch low-frequency driver from Acoustic Elegance, serving the range below 100 Hz.

The Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury can be internally wired with SPTPC cables from Iconoclast Cable, which the manufacturer claims “improves sound quality in every way.” At the show, Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury speakers in exclusive Walnut Cookies finish will be paired with Treehaus Audiolab 300B SET amplifiers and full Iconoclast cabling (speaker, interconnect and power cables).

Speaker systems Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury

Suggested retail prices for the Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury start at $29,000 for a pair of walnut or elm speakers. Options that affect the final price include fine wood finishes and internal cabling from Iconoclast Cable.

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