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Tronsmart Bang SE: Loud, party-loving highly portable speaker

We continue to analyze the Tronsmart Bang family of speakers , which undoubtedly stands out for its party design and good sound…
Tronsmart Bang SE
Tronsmart Bang SE

We continue to analyze the Tronsmart Bang family of speakers , which undoubtedly stands out for its party design and good sound in a compact format, and this time it is the turn of the Tronsmart Bang SE, which is an even smaller version of the Bang Mini. Going into details, this model offers two full-range speakers for a 40W output, as well as a 24-hour autonomy and IPX6 water resistance. If you are interested in knowing it in detail, you have come to the right place.


As we mentioned before, the Tronsmart Bang SE is the smallest speaker in its family, measuring 298 x 164.5 x 118.8mm and weighing 2.5 kilos . Naturally, the speaker has a cylindrical plastic body and consists of a fully integrated handle with attachment points at each end for the included carrying strap, which allows you to sling the speaker over your shoulder.

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In another vein, the audio emanations are created using a Class D amplifier driving two 3.93-inch full-range drivers, enhanced by passive radiators at each end. RGB lights grace both the speakers and radiators . But unlike the standard and Mini model, the Bang SE doesn’t have separate woofers and tweeters.

With that said, at the top of the speaker we find the multi-function controls, which break down as follows: Power/Bluetooth pairing, SoundPulse EQ, volume down, play/pause, volume up, TWS (wireless stereo), and show. lights on/off. It should be noted that This last button also serves to change the various RGB patterns of the speaker.

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A large rubber seal at the bottom rear of the unit covers all the ports on this speaker and helps it earn an IPX6 rating of certification . The latter means that it is waterproof, but not to the point of being able to submerge, just to resist splashes and humid environments.

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sound and features

We are facing a device that provides a total power of 40W from the hand of two full-range front speakers. Furthermore, it has 3 passive radiators and boasts the company’s SoundPulse technology , which basically boosts the bass in terms of quality.

With that in mind, the Tronsmart Bang SE sounds great for the money. Treble is decent , and the midrange is reasonably defined, if a bit muddy. The bass is pronounced enough for most genres of music. However, the sub-bass reproduction leaves something to be desired, because, although it can be heard in the 50 to 60 Hz range , when it is below that it tends to disappear.

As you’d expect, it’s a directional speaker, but there’s minimal stereo separation between the dual speakers.

It is worth mentioning that there are two Soundpulse EQ settings . One is a fairly flat frequency rolloff, while the other brings out the lows and highs with a slight scoop in the midrange.

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In terms of volume it is a great speaker, it sounds quite loud and clear without distorting at medium volume , but unfortunately it is not the same at maximum volume, where distortions and sound artifacts can be perceived.

Another aspect that we have to seriously criticize is the lack of a companion application to tune the sound to our liking and access other features. It is curious (and very disappointing) that this is the only speaker in its family that is not compatible with the Tronsmart app, so we have to subtract a few from its final assessment.

For even better sound we can combine two Tronsmart Bang SE speakers wirelessly , resulting in true stereo sound.


Flipping the speaker around we find a USB-A port for charging other devices, a USB-C port for charging the unit, a 3.5mm auxiliary input , and a microSD card slot (labeled TF for TransFlash).

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At the wireless level, it obviously uses Bluetooth (5.3) to establish a connection with our mobile, computer or device on duty. The great advantage of being a Tronsmart speaker is being able to link to a second wireless speaker (of the same model) in order to provide higher power true stereo sound. Additionally, it is compatible with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana .


The Tronsmart Bang SE is powered by a 4,000mAh battery that, according to the manufacturer, offers up to 24 hours of autonomy, but that is with the volume at half and with the RGB lights turned off. If we decide to turn on the lights, then that projection drops to 16 hours. Similarly, we can expect less usage time as we increase the volume above 50%, but it is still a commendable duration for the price of this speaker.

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It should be noted that the recharging process takes about 5 hours , as well as the fact that the speaker can act as a Power Bank to charge our portable devices.


  • Very good sound
  • Waterproof
  • RGB lights with party effects
  • power bank mode
  • Can be paired with other speakers


  • Sound is distorted when maxed out
  • Subwoofer cuts off below 50 Hz
  • It is not supported by the Tronsmart app


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