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Virtuoso B: 3-way bookshelf monitors from AudioSolutions


The new Virtuoso B shelf monitors from the Lithuanian company AudioSolutions are the fourth model in a series of acoustics announced at High End Munich in 2019. The speaker uses technology developed for the flagship Vantage series , which marks the 5th anniversary of AudioSolutions .

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B - 3-way bookshelf monitors from Lithuania

Occupying a place in the company’s nomenclature between the Figaro and Vantage 5th Anniversary series , Virtuoso loudspeakers are distinguished by an improved box-in-a-Box construction of multi-layer plates. The high-frequency spectrum is entrusted to a 3 cm diameter silk dome tweeter mounted in a mini-horn. The mid-range is served by a 16.5 cm cone speaker made of sturdy paper. The bass is practiced by a 19 cm diameter solid pulp driver pointing downwards.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B - 3-way bookshelf monitors from Lithuania

The crossover in Virtuoso B monitors gives the user a choice of three sound profiles. The manufacturer claims a working range of acoustics from 30 Hz to 30 kHz with a sensitivity of 91.5 dB at 2.83 V at a distance of 1 m. The nominal impedance of the speakers is 4 ohms.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B - 3-way bookshelf monitors from Lithuania

The cabinet uses a bracing system to provide the necessary rigidity and compensate for the vibrations generated by the speakers. Such an inner frame is sheathed with a lightweight material that does not store energy, forming a box. The outer case attaches directly to the inner one. As a result, the outer and inner boxes work in tandem and effectively dampen vibrations and compensate for each other’s resonances. In addition, the thickness of the back and side walls, as well as the front of the case, is different. It is claimed that such a case has the same properties as cases made of aluminum or composite materials, but free from the accompanying high-frequency overtones.

Virtuoso B crossover provides the user with three sound profiles:

Balanced – This mode is a sweet spot with the perfect balance of musical clarity and immersive soundstage.

Moderate – This mode is ideal for long listening sessions where less dramatic and less detailed sound is required.

Enhanced – Enabling this mode will allow the listener to get the highest level of detail. This mode is suitable for quiet evening listening sessions when ambient noise is reduced and the micro-details of the music come to life.

The Virtuoso B 3-way bookshelf monitors can be purchased directly from the AudioSolutions manufacturer or from your nearest European dealer. In the UK, the novelty is offered at a price of 9,500 pounds sterling per pair. A whole range of custom body colors are available as an option, which will cost up to 20 percent more . In addition, branded speaker stands can be purchased for the speakers , for which you will have to pay an additional £ 3,300 per pair.

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